Access - Getting Started - Windows

On you Windows Machine

Donwload  the app from here:

Set up/Install the App

Use the credentials received in the email, to log in and open app settings.

If you have dinamyc/static IP select the respective option at IP Type.

Select the path you intend to have it as Root for your documents - it can be local folder or a network folder.

Select a Local port you want the Server to run on, (any port as long as available should work, preferable empty ports 20000 - 25000 as these ports are most certain free)

Allow the respective port in windows firewall, also if you intend to install LetsEncrypt SSL please open the port 80 (required for aquiring the ssl certifcate)

If your windows machine is behind a NAT router, you need to port forward or DMS from WAN to LAN the port you have choosen for the Server and port 80.

If you have done this succesfully and you start the server, you can check it by pressing Check Status button in the app. It will open a web browser task and display the message "It Works". If you can not see this message, something went wrong, please visit out port forwarding guide for more details.

If all is successful, open the SSL tab and click Install SSL, allow the software to connect download and install SSL certificate. If it's successful you should see a message saying SSL status: Installed.

You can now go on first tab and at Address and Port section you can select Address: https (if no certificate installed you can only run the app in http mode), Save your settings, and make sure Service status displays "Service is Running".

On the Web interface.

Login using your credentials, then  navigate to admin panel, (top right screen icon)

In the admin area click Servers.

Type a Label for your Server (preferable something short to indentify the respective server)

Select a detected server and the necessary fields will get autopopulated, Hostname/Port (in case you modified (translated) the port when set up in your router, modify detected port to whatever port number you translated)

Click Save (if you see the success message and you see the server added below, you have done everythiing corectly), If you get an error message, please revisit the steps above and see where something went wrong
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